Sean Whalen is a father, entrepreneur, a business owner, motivational speaker and registered Republican. He was raised in a single mother household and graduated from Provo High School. After high school, he served a 2-year LDS mission in Montana bringing him closer to God. After returning from his mission and getting married to his high school sweetheart, Sean worked a few “normal” 9-5 jobs and attended college for a semester, but neither school nor college could keep his attention.
Learning his entrepreneurial spirit from watching his mom work two jobs to provide their family an opportunity to experience life. He vividly remembers seeing my mother kneel and pray as a teenager and hearing her words as he left the house every day, “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE”. Sean started a few smaller companies before becoming passionate about real estate finance and investing. Starting a mortgage company which quickly grew to one of the largest mortgage companies in the state of Utah.
However, like many others, Sean faced tremendous loss during the mortgage meltdown of 2008. With investment, development and significant projects, all put on hold; Sean struggled to make ends meet and would soon go through not only bankruptcy but divorce. We hear about people hitting rock-bottom, but this was the beginning of The most difficult point in Sean’s life.
During this process, he founded the company LIONS NOT SHEEP, to not only share his story but to help others along the way. His story and other motivational videos have been viewed and have impacted over 300 million people online. Today Lions Not Sheep coaches and consults over 400 individuals and companies around the globe on their social media strategies, personal brands, and learning to tell the truth.
Sean has shared his story around the world and continues to do public – motivational speaking and lectures for marketing events, private businesses, athletic teams, sales teams, and corporations.
Sean loves living in Utah and maximizes his time outdoors as much as possible riding horses, camping, hunting, and spending time with his three kids – having as much fun as humanly possible.