We live in a day and age where special interest groups try to label FREE SPEECH they don’t agree with as HATE SPEECH. This belief goes against the founding principles of our country. It is our God-given right, and our constitutional right as Americans to freely speak our minds. I will NEVER stand for any government oversight or overreach into our constitutional rights. Agree or disagree; I’ll always fight for your freedom to speak your mind and peacefully assemble.

We must be committed to securing our borders and ensuring every person wanting to come into our country is properly vetted before stepping foot on our soil. I’ll work to fix our broken immigration system that causes wait times as long as ten years to encourage people to apply legally. We must address these issues to help streamline the process for good people wanting to come to our country and contribute to our economy, but we must do so in a way that does not compromise our national security.

When politicians and interest groups try to tell us that balancing the budget is impossible, my only response is, bull*hit. As business owners, families and individuals, we have to balance our budgets every year, why should our government be any different? If we spend more than we earn, we go bankrupt or end up in jail, but politicians simply threaten to shut down the government, then approve more fake money to be thrown at their egregious spending habits.

America runs on our tax dollars, and at the end of the day, we’re always asked to pick up the tab for the unwillingness of our politicians to control spending. They continue to send billions overseas to countries who burn our flag, while men, women, children, and veterans are living on the streets right here in America. Billions and billions spent on special interest groups or dollars that go “unaccounted for” or “missing.” This behavior is unacceptable. Our government must be held to a higher standard of financial solvency than we are.

 I will push for a balanced budget and to eliminate every single expense that does not affect your health, wealth, family, education or safety. Someone must get into DC and push hard enough and expose the waste and negligence of this system.  Every politician promises to do that, yet we go further and further into debt.  That is because every politician thus far has not done the tough work or had the tough conversations to make this happen. I can and will do that.

We must put America and American families first. We are the greatest nation in the world and should help lift up others whenever possible, but only after we take care of our people first. It’s time we turn our sights inward and contribute to making every American family as strong as possible.

Only after our people are taken care of should our government consider being charitable. We need to promote a strong foreign policy in regards to trade and national security, but with the best interest of our country in mind. We can be charitable once our house is taken care of, but we should not be sending aid to countries who burn our flag while we have cities in America without clean drinking water.

Every law abiding American in every state should have the legal right to open carry and or conceal a firearm.  I STRONGLY support the right to bear arms and will oppose any such action that will limit this freedom and right.

The federal government has proven time and time again it is incapable of operating better than the private sector.  Obamacare is a disaster we must repeal immediately, while we have the opportunity to replace it. We have to replace it with a plan that protects our elderly and most vulnerable, but also is mindful of taxpayers. By opening up competition across state lines, we can provide every American quality, competitive healthcare that is truly affordable.

We have the brightest minds on this planet here in America and have the resources to be SELF SUFFICIENT and not rely on other nations or corporations for our energy.  I support any and all efforts to help America become energy independent while providing affordable utilities for every American household.

Education should be handled at the state and local level to ensure all students receive the best education for them. I would like to eliminate the federal Department of Education and get rid of Common Core. It is NOT working and is stifling our children’s creativity and tying our teacher’s hands in helping them succeed. States, local municipalities, local school districts, teachers, and parents should be making decisions to educate our children, not unelected bureaucrats in D.C.

Our tax burden is unbearable. The American people are being taxed to death. I will NEVER vote to raise taxes and will advocate and push to simplify our tax code from a 74,608-page-long federal tax code to a one-page document. There is no need for anything more than that.
We must phase out and eliminate the IRS and fully audit the Federal Reserve. Both of these government agencies have caused more harm and damage than good to the American people and our financial system. American taxpayers are hurting, our businesses and jobs are heading overseas, all while the value of the American dollar continues to fall. It’s time to act on these things before it’s too late.

Politicians talk about term limits, but we all know how cheap that that talk is. At the end of the day, it’s not about what you promise, but what you deliver. I’m prepared to sponsor a term limits bill on day one and fight the career politicians every single day until it becomes law.